FHOG Frequently Asked Questions



When does the grant end?

The scheme is on-going with no end date yet specified.


Am I eligible for the grant for the purchase or construction of a home even if I have owned or still own vacant land?

Yes. You are still eligible for the grant even though you have owned vacant land prior to 1 July 2000 or still own it, as vacant land does not constitute a residential property.


Will I receive the grant if I only purchase vacant land?

No. You must have entered into a comprehensive home building contract or commence building as an owner builder on the land.


Does the purchase price/construction costs of my home impact on my eligibility to receive the grant?

If you entered into your contract prior to 1 January 2010, then you will be eligible for the grant irrespective of the price of purchase or construction of your home.

However, if you entered into your contract on or after 1 January 2010, then you will only be eligible for the grant if the contract price does not exceed $750,000, except where the contract relates to a home that is on, or to be built on, primary production land.


When must I move into the home?

At least one applicant must occupy the home as his or her principal place of residence within 12 months from either the date of settlement or completion of construction.


Is there a minimum time limit I have to reside in the property to get the grant?

At least one applicant must occupy the home as his or her principal place of residence for a continuous period of at least 12 months, commencing within 12 months of either the date of settlement or completion of construction. The period of occupancy of the home as your principal place of residence has been extended from 6 months to 12 months for eligible transactions that are completed on or after 1 July 2013.


What do you mean by spouse/partner?

A person is a spouse of another if they are legally married to each other. A person is a partner of another if they are in a domestic relationship regardless of gender.


Am I eligible if I have owned a residential property before 1 July 2000, but rented the property out and did not occupy it myself?

No. It does not matter that you did not live in the property yourself as it still constitutes a residential property owned before 1 July 2000.


I am an owner-builder and therefore no contract to build has been entered into. What criteria do I have to meet to qualify?

You must have commenced building after 1 July 2000. Commencement of construction is defined as the laying of foundations. Proof of the date of the laying of foundations such as the receipt/invoice for the concrete, evidence from local council or other evidence must be supplied.


How long do I have to apply for the grant after purchasing or building my home?

You have 12 months from either the date of settlement or completion of construction.


How will the grant be paid if there are joint applicants?

Where an approved agent processes your grant it will be paid directly to that approved agent. The approved agent will then pay the grant to you in accordance with any agreement entered into between you and the approved agent.
If the grant is processed by this office, it will be paid by electronic funds transfer to your nominated account.


If I enter into a vendor's terms contract, when will I be eligible to receive the grant?

The grant will be paid after you provide evidence of taking possession of the home. If the transfer does not proceed, the grant must be repaid.


Are there any restrictions on what I can use the grant for?

No. Although if you are applying through your financial institution it may impose conditions.


My spouse/partner has owned a home prior to 1 July 2000. Am I still eligible?

No. If your spouse/partner has owned residential property, jointly, separately or with some other person before 1 July 2000, in any State or Territory of Australia, you will not be eligible.


My former spouse/partner owned a house and now I want to buy a home myself. Am I eligible?

Yes, provided the Commissioner of State Revenue is satisfied that you and your former spouse/partner are not living together and do not intend to resume living together and you meet all the other conditions.


Am I eligible if I have owned residential property after 1 July 2000 but have rented it out and not occupied it myself?

The ownership of an investment property purchased after 1 July 2000, provided you have not occupied the property, will not affect your eligibility for the grant. You would still be eligible to apply for the grant on the purchase of a property you intend to live in.


If I buy a property with a friend, and both of us are eligible for the FHOG, do we both receive a grant?

There is only one grant payable per transaction, regardless of how many purchasers there are. Where there is more than one purchaser the grant is paid jointly.