There are hundreds of home products with varying features and fee structure.  Some of these features may be suitable for your needs, but not the rest. In most cases the fee and interest rates goes up with additional features. This is where you need the services of a mortgage broker from  Karayi Home Loans.

Detailed comparisons are made by your ‘ Karayi Home Loans’ mortgage broker to  help you gain a good understanding of the types of loans available, the home loan process and what the banks require you to provide in order to approve your loan.

With a panel of 27 lenders and hundreds of home loan products, our expertise coupled with the state of art comparison software, you can be sure that the home loan you choose is competitive.

Once a suitable home loan and a lender are chosen , we negotiate a better home loan deal with your lender and make huge savings on interest rates, fees and loan structure.

Generally  home loans comes in the following comparison  categories

Standard Variable Rate Home Loans

Fixed Rate Home Loans

Introductory Rate Home Loans

No Deposit/Low Deposit Home Loans

Combination/Split Home Loans

 Line of Credit/Equity Loans

 Low Doc or No Documentation Loans

 Non-Conforming Loans

With over 500 products with differing frills, fees and repayment option, it is extremely important to compare the home loans to ensure that you are getting a fair deal.  Call Karayi Home Loans today.